REGIONAL HOCKEY New-look leagues in full swing

hockey shorts and socks image courtesy of tom haighThe regional hockey league season gets in full swing tomorrow with the start of the new-look men’s Davis Wood Hockey League and a full programme of matches in the West Clubs Women’s Hockey League.

Both competitions have had summer overhauls with the men’s league now boasting a Premiership top flight and Championship second tier before splitting into regional Conferences, North and South.

The women’s league – which started with an opening round of Premier One and Petroc 2 matches last week - retains the same top flight but now splits in two at tier two, with Premier 2A and 2B divisions.

Previously the WCWHL second tier was a single division, Premier 2.

The third tier of the women’s league is now in four sections rather than three, with North, South, East and West divisions feeding into the two new Premier 2 sections.

The men's fourth tier recognises it's Welsh connection with De Cymru & the Marches 1 fittingly snuggly alongside Central 1 and Southern 1 divisions.

Competition to top both men and women's leagues at the end of the season - and claim promotion to the national league, thus emulating 2012 regional champions Firebrands (men) and Taunton Vale (women) - is set to be as keen as ever.

Let play commence!

• Tomorrow's Davis Wood Hockey League fixtures

• Tomorrow's West Clubs Women's Hockey League fixtures

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