MENS HOCKEY LEAGUE play-off results

Sunday April 29 at University of Birminghammens hockey league logo

Premier Division promotion play-offs

Sevenoaks HC 2 University of Nottingham HC 1 Sevenoaks promoted
University of Exeter HC 2 Oxted HC 1 Exeter University promoted to MHL Prem

Relegation play-off
Old Georgians HC 2 Cheltenham HC 1 OGs top group
Cheltenham relegated

Saturday April 28 at University of Birmingham
Premier Division promotion play-offs
Oxted HC 2 University of Nottingham HC 1

University of Exeter HC 6 Sevenoaks HC 3

Sunday April 22
Premier Division promotion play-offs
Sunday April 22 at Nottingham HC
Sevenoaks HC 3 Oxted HC 2
University of Nottingham HC 2 University of Exeter HC 1

Relegation play-offs
Deeside Ramblers HC 1 Old Georgians HC 5

Sunday April 15
Relegation play-offs
Cheltenham HC 6 Deeside Ramblers HC 2

Play-off fixtures

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