I have just been for a run in the rain.

It's been pouring down in Plymouth and rather than duck out of the downpours I decided to engage them - head on.

I have got to get fit for the Plymouth Half Marathon in May and furthermore my wife has been running regularly with a women's running network group every Monday and constantly reminded me - for over a week now - that her last run was "six point one miles".

I set off aiming to do anything above "point one" miles today in the showers and achieved my aim although must admit to staggering - literally - the start of my run as it is up Mannamead Road, which is not a road but a very big hill.

I used to run for fun. Now I try to run to try and lose weight.

Jogging along Outland Road I was twice splashed by cars going through a massive roadside puddle.

After those two dousings I almost doubled in weight as well as getting mud and leaf splattered.

If you see a camouflaged mop of a man - with chicken legs - hobbling past you on a rainy day in Plymouth it's probably me. Meep meep!

footnote: I ran five point one miles.










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