SOUTHERN LEAGUE play-off finals results May 6, 2024

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Saturdays 1500ko unless stated
midweek 1945
= waterlogged pitch new date tbc

Monday May 6
Play-off finals 
Southern Prem 
AFC Totton 2-2 Salisbury FC aet, 1-1 @ FT
Salisbury win 4-3 on pens 
Southern 1 South
Frome Town 3-1 Bristol Manor Farm HT 1-1
Att 2235

Friday May 3
Devon St Luke's Bowl
Willand Rovers 4-0 Ilfracombe Town
at Devon FA Coach Road Newton Abbot

Wednesday May 1
Play-off semi-finals full times 
Southern Prem 
AFC Totton 2-1 Bracknell Town AET FT 1-1 HT 0-0
Salisbury 2-1 Gosport Borough HT 0-0
Final AFC Totton vs Salisbury on Monday
Southern 1 South
Cribbs FC (Bristol) 1-2 Bristol Manor Farm HT 0-1
Frome Town 3-0 Mousehole AFC HT 3-0
Final Frome Town vs Bristol Manor Farm on Monday 

SATURDAY APRIL 27 final day of regular season...
Southern Premier South - Chesham champions
Beaconsfield 1-1 Plymouth Parkway
Bracknell 3-3 Hayes & Yeading
Didcot Town 1-2 Hendon
Dorchester Town 0-4 AFC Totton
Gosport Borough 4-2 Chesham United
Hungerford 1-0 Basingstoke
Merthyr Town 7-1 Harrow Borough
Salisbury 2-0 Hanwell Town
Swindon Supermarine 3-0 Winchester City
Tiverton Town 1-0 Sholing
Walton & Hersham 3-0 Poole Town

Bottom four Beaconsfield, Hayes & Yeading, Harrow Borough, Didcot

Southern One South
Bideford 1-1 Bemerton Heath Harlequins
Cribbs 1-1 Larkhall Athletic
Frome Town 3-3 Bristol Manor Farm
Melksham Town 1-3 Wimborne Town champions/promoted
Mousehole 7-3 Bishops Cleeve
Paulton Rovers 1-1 Evesham United
Tavistock 1-1 Yate Town
Westbury United 2-0 Bashley
Willand Rovers 1-1 Malvern Town

Bottom two Paulton Rovers, Hamworthy Utd 

Southern One Central 
Cirencester Town 3-0 Welwyn City Garden 
Cirencester finish 6th, two points off play-offs

Thursday April 25
Southern One South
Tavistock AFC 0-2 Bristol Manor Farm 

Wednesday April 24
Southern Premier South
Plymouth Parkway 3-1 Hayes & Yeading
Southern One South
Larkhall Athletic 1-0 Westbury United

Tuesday April 23
Southern One South
Mousehole 4-1 Exmouth Town HT 0-1 
Tavistock 3-2 Wimborne Town HT 1-1 

Monday April 22
Southern Premier South
Plymouth Parkway 0-3 AFC Totton

Saturday April 20
Southern Premier South
AFC Totton 2-0 Merthyr Town

Basingstoke 3-1 Dorchester
Chesham United 1-2 Bracknell Town
Hanwell Town 1-0 Hungerford Town
Harrow Borough 1-2 Tiverton Town
Hayes & Yeading 0-2 Salisbury City
Hendon 0-0 Gosport Borough
Plymouth Parkway 2-2 Walton & Hersham
Poole Town 2-0 Didcot Town
Sholing 3-0 Swindon Supermarine
Winchester City 1-0 Beaconsfield Town

Southern One South
Bashley 0-0 Tavistock
Bemerton Heath Harlequins 1-2 Mousehole
Bristol Manor Farm 3-0 Melksham
Evesham United 3-2 Willand Rovers
Exmouth Town 1-2 Paulton Rovers
Larkhall Athletic 4-3 Bideford
Malvern Town 0-3 Westbury United
Wimborne Town 1-1 Frome Town
Yate Town 3-3 Cribbs

Southern One Central 
Hertford Town 2-3 Cirencester Town

Thursday April 18
Southern Premier South
Hanwell Town 4-0 Plymouth Parkway
Tiverton Town 2-0 Winchester City 

Wednesday April 17
Southern One South
Larkhall Athletic 1-1 Frome Town

Tuesday April 16
Southern Premier South
Poole Town 2-2 Plymouth Parkway
Sholing 2-2 Hendon
Tiverton Town 0-2 Dorchester Town
Winchester City 2-0 Merthyr Town

Southern One
Bashley 0-2 Bishops Cleeve
Melksham Town 2-1 Bideford
Mousehole 3-2 Tavistock
Paulton Rovers 2-2 Malvern Town
Wimborne Town 2-1 Evesham United 

Saturday April 13

Southern Premier South
Bracknell Town 3-1 Winchester City
Didcot Town 3-2 Plymouth Parkway
Dorchester Town 2-1 Hanwell Town
Gosport Borough 1-2 Hayes & Yeading United
Hungerford Town 1-0 AFC Totton
Merthyr Town 1-1 Hendon
Poole Town 3-0 Beaconsfield
Salisbury City 0-2 Harrow Borough
Swindon Supermarine 3-0 Basingstoke
Tiverton Town 2-0 Chesham United
Walton & Hersham 1-0 Sholing

Southern One South 
Bideford 1-3 Bashley
Cribbs 1-0 Exmouth Town
Melksham Town 4-0 Bemerton Heath Harlequins
Mousehole 3-0 Malvern Town
Paulton Rovers 0-1 Larkhall Athletic
Tavistock 1-3 Evesham United
Westbury United 0-4 Bristol Manor Farm
Willand Rovers 0-1 Wimborne

Southern One Central 
Cirencester Town 3-0 Barton Rovers 

Friday April 12
Southern One South
Frome Town 1-0 Bishops Cleeve

Thursday April 11
Southern Premier South
Hanwell Town 2-3 Sholing
Plymouth Parkway 0-1 Salisbury City at Exmouth Town FC 
Southern One South
Bashley 1-1 Westbury United

Wednesday April 10
Southern Premier South 
AFC Totton 3-2 Bracknell Town
Southern One South 
Larkhall Athletic 2-2 Yate Town
Tavistock P-P Bristol Manor Farm 
Willand Rovers 2-1 Bideford

Tuesday April 9
Southern Premier South
Hayes & Yeading 1-0 Basingstoke Town
Plymouth Parkway 1-3 Harrow Borough @ Bristol Manor Farm FC
Poole Town 2-1 Winchester City @ Dorchester Town FC 
Sholing 1-2 Dorchester Town
Tiverton Town 1-2 Gosport Borough

Southern One South
Bashley 1-2 Malvern Town
Mousehole 3-4 Melksham Town
Westbury United 0-2 Exmouth Town

Sunday April 7
Southern Premier South
Plymouth Parkway 4-1 Swindon Supermarine
@ Hungerford Town FC

Saturday April 6
Southern Premier South
AFC Totton 5-0 Tiverton Town
Basingstoke 1-3 Bracknell Town
Chesham United 2-1 Salisbury City
Hanwell Town 0-0 Gosport Borough
Harrow Borough 2-1 Beaconsfield Town
Hayes & Yeading 0-1 Dorchester Town
Hendon 1-1 Walton & Hersham
Poole Town 1-3 Merthyr Town
Sholing 2-2 Didcot Town
Winchester City 1-0 Hungerford Town

Southern One South
Bashley 0-3 Cribbs
Bemerton Heath Harlequins 1-1 Westbury United
Bishops Cleeve 0-1 Bideford
Evesham United 4-3 Melksham Town
Exmouth Town 0-0 Frome Town
Larkhall Athletic 1-0 Mousehole
Malvern Town 2-1 Tavistock
Wimborne Town 2-1 Paulton Rovers
Yate Town 3-0 Willand Rovers
Southern One Central 
Biggleswade FC 1-1 Cirencester Town 

Thursday April 4
Southern Premier South
Plymouth Parkway P-P AFC Totton

Tuesday April 2
Southern Premier South
Beaconsfield 1-0 Hanwell Town

Easter Monday April 1

Southern Premier South
AFC Totton 3-0 Walton & Hersham
Bracknell Town 5-1 Sholing
Didcot Town 0-2 Swindon Supermarine
Dorchester Town 2-1 Tiverton Town
Gosport Borough 2-1 Winchester City
Harrow Borough 1-4 Chesham United champions & promoted 
Hayes & Yeading 0-0 Hendon
Merthyr Town 3-0 Hungerford
Plymouth Parkway 1-0 Poole Town
Salisbury City 2-1 Basingstoke

Southern One South
Bemerton Heath Harlequins 2-4 Bashley
Bideford 2-3 Tavistock
Cribbs 0-4 Bishops Cleeve
Evesham United 0-2 Malvern Town
Larkhall Athletic P-P Westbury United
Melksham 1-2 Frome Town
Mousehole P-P Exmouth Town
Willand Rovers 1-2 Bristol Manor Farm
Yate Town 3-0 Paulton Rovers

Easter Saturday March 30
Southern Premier South

Hanwell Town 2-0 Didcot Town
Hendon 4-5 Beaconsfield Town
Sholing 1-1 Plymouth Parkway
Swindon Supermarine 3-3 Salisbury City
Tiverton Town 2-0 Merthyr Town
Winchester City 1-1 Dorchester Town

Southern One South
Bashley 1-3 Larkhall Athletic
Bishops Cleeve 2-0 Bemerton Heath Harlequins
Bristol Manor Farm 2-0 Evesham United
Exmouth Town 3-1 Willand Rovers
Frome Town 4-0 Bideford
Paulton Rovers 0-1 Cribbs
Tavistock p-p Wimborne Town

Southern One Central
Kempston Rovers 1-3 Cirencester Town 

Good Friday March 29
Southern Premier South
Basingstoke Town 3-0 Gosport Borough
Chesham United 1-0 Hayes & Yeading
Hungerford Town 3-1 Bracknell Town
Poole Town 0-0 AFC Totton

Southern One
Malvern Town 1-1 Melksham Town
Westbury United 0-2 Yate Town

Thursday March 28
Southern Premier
Walton & Hersham 4-4 Harrow Borough

Wednesday March 27
Southern One
Tavistock 3-3 Larkhall Athletic

Tuesday March 26
Southern Premier South
Hanwell Town A-A Sholing HT 1-1 heavy rain
Plymouth Parkway 1-2 Didcot Town HT 1-0
Poole Town 1-2 Hungerford Town HT 1-0
Tiverton Town P-P Winchester City following 1245 pitch inspection 
Southern One South
Bashley P-P Westbury United
Cribbs 1-0 Melksham Town HT 1-0
Mousehole 5-0 Bideford HT 4-0
Southern One Central
Biggleswade 1-2 Cirencester Town HT 1-1

Southern Premier South
AFC Totton 3-0 Beaconsfield Town
Basingstoke Town 1-1 Chesham United
Bracknell Town 2-0 Plymouth Parkway
Didcot Town 0-4 Gosport Borough
Dorchester Town 1-0 Salisbury City
Harrow Borough 1-0 Hungerford Town
Hayes & Yeading 2-2 Swindon Supermarine
Hendon 2-1 Winchester City
Merthyr Town 1-1 Walton & Hersham
Poole Town 0-3 Sholing
Tiverton Town 2-0 Hanwell Town

Southern One South
Bemerton Heath Harlequins 0-3 Exmouth Town
Bideford 0-0 Paulton Rovers
Cribbs 2-2 Tavistock
Evesham United 2-3 Frome Town
Larkhall Athletic 2-0 Malvern Town
Mousehole 2-0 Bristol Manor Farm
Willand Rovers 0-2 Bashley
Wimborne Town 3-2 Westbury United
Yate Town 0-1 Bishops Cleeve

Southern One Central
Cirencester Town 2-2 Leighton Town

Thursday March 21
Southern Premier South
Plymouth Parkway 1-1 Winchester City at Plymouth Argyle FC 

Wednesday March 20
Southern One South
Tavistock 2-0 Malvern Town HT 2-0

Tuesday March 19
Southern Premier South
AFC Totton 2-0 Plymouth Parkway
Hendon 2-0 Poole Town
Tiverton Town P-P Dorchester Town 
Southern One South
Bideford 2-1 Exmouth Town
Wimborne P-P Evesham United

Saturday March 16
Southern Premier South
Beaconsfield 3-4 Dorchester Town
Chesham United 2-0 AFC Totton
Gosport Borough 1-0 Harrow Borough
Hanwell Town 1-2 Bracknell Town
Hungerford Town 1-2 Tiverton Town
Plymouth Parkway P-P Hayes & Yeading Utd at Yate
Salisbury City 0-0 Merthyr Town
Swindon Supermarine 0-1 Hendon
Walton & Hersham 4-2 Didcot Town
Winchester City 4-0 Poole Town

Southern One Central 
Stotfold 2-1 Cirencester Town 

Southern One South
Bashley 2-0 Mousehole
Bishops Cleeve 0-0 Willand Rovers
Exmouth Town 2-1 Melksham Town
Frome Town 2-0 Yate Town
Malvern Town 1-2 Wimborne Town
Paulton Rovers 4-4 Bemerton Heath Harlequins
Tavistock P-P Larkhall Athletic
Westbury United 0-0 Bideford

Friday March 15
Southern One
Bristol Manor Farm 3-1 Cribbs

Thursday March 14
Southern Premier South
Plymouth Parkway 1-3 Merthyr Town

Wednesday March 13
Somerset Premier Cup
Larkhall Athletic (Bath) 1-0 Wellington AFC

Monday March 11
Hampshire Senior Cup semi-final
AFC Totton 3-1 AFC Bournemouth

Tuesday March 12
Southern Premier South
1945 kick-offs
Hanwell Town P-P Plymouth Parkway
Hayes & Yeading P-P Basingstoke

Sholing P-P Hendon
Tiverton Town P-P Dorchester Town

Southern One
Bashley P-P Westbury United 
Evesham United 0-0 Paulton Rovers
Melksham Town P-P Bideford 
Mousehole P-P Tavistock

Dorset Senior Cup quarter final
Wimborne Town 1-2 Poole Town 

Saturday March 9

Southern Premier South
Basingstoke Town 3-2 Hendon
Bracknell Town 3-2 Merthyr Town
Dorchester 2-1 Beaconsfield Town
Hayes & Yeading 0-3 Gosport Borough
Poole Town 1-3 Walton & Hersham
Salisbury City 3-1 Chesham United
Sholing 1-3 Harrow Borough
Swindon Supermarine 3-0 Plymouth Parkway
Tiverton Town 1-2 AFC Totton

Southern One Central 
Cirencester Town 1-4 Biggleswade Town

Southern One South
Bemerton Heath Harlequins 2-1 Larkhall Athletic
Bideford 0-1 Frome Town
Melksham Town 1-0 Bishops Cleeve
Mousehole 2-2 Cribbs
Paulton Rovers 1-2 Bashley
Wimborne 3-2 Tavistock

Wednesday March 6
Southern Premier
Gosport Borough 1-2 Poole Town
Southern One South
Exmouth Town 1-1 Bishops Cleeve
Larkhall Athletic 5-1 Cribbs
Tavistock 1-1 Melksham Town
Southampton Senior Cup
AFC Totton 3-1 Folland Sports

Tuesday March 5, 2024
Southern Premier
Plymouth Parkway P-P Winchester City

Saturday March 2 to be updated

Southern Premier South
Bracknell Town vs Harrow Borough
Didcot Town vs AFC Totton
Gosport Borough vs Beaconsfield Town
Hayes & Yeading United P-P Basingstoke Town
Hendon vs Chesham United
Plymouth Parkway vs Salisbury City
Poole Town P-P Hungerford Town
Sholing P-P Dorchester Town
Swindon Supermarine vs Tiverton Town passed 0915 pitch inspection 
Walton & Hersham vs Hanwell Town
Winchester City P-P Merthyr Town

Southern One Central 
Ware vs Cirencester Town

Southern One South
1500 kick-offs
Bashley P-P Bishops Cleeve
Bemerton Heath Harlequins vs Malvern Town
Bideford vs Evesham United
Cribbs P-P Melksham Town snow
Larkhall Athletic P-P Yate Town snow
Mousehole vs Wimborne Town
Tavistock P-P Bristol Manor Farm
Westbury United P-P Exmouth Town snow
Willand Rovers vs Frome Town subject to 1000 pitch inspection 

Wednesday February 28, 2024
Southern Premier
AFC Totton 4-4 Dorchester Town HT 2-0

Southern One South
Larkhall Athletic P-P Frome Town
Tavistock AFC 1-3 Willand Rovers 

Tuesday February 27
Southern Premier
Chesham United 1-1 Hanwell Town
Poole Town P-P Plymouth Parkway
Tiverton Town P-P Winchester City

Southern One South
Bashley 1-2 Exmouth Town
Wimborne Town 2-1 Melksham Town

Saturday February 24
Southern Premier South

AFC Totton P-P Bracknell Town
Basingstoke Town 1-0 Plymouth Parkway
Beaconsfield Town 2-1 Walton & Hersham
Chesham United 3-1 Poole Town
Dorchester Town 2-2 Hendon
Hanwell Town 0-2 Swindon Supermarine
Harrow Borough 1-2 Winchester City
Hungerford Town 2-1 Sholing
Merthyr Town 1-1 Hayes & Yeading United
Salisbury 2-2 Didcot Town
Tiverton Town P-P Gosport Borough

Southern One Central 
Cirencester Town 1-1 Bedford Town

Southern One South
Bashley P-P Malvern Town
Bishops Cleeve 6-2 Paulton Rovers
Bristol Manor Farm 4-0 Bemerton Heath Harlequins
Evesham United 1-2 Mousehole
Exmouth Town 5-0 Larkhall Athletic
Frome Town 3-1 Tavistock
Melksham Town 0-0 Willand Rovers
Wimborne Town 2-2 Cribbs
Yate Town 1-0 Bideford

Wednesday February 21
Somerset Premier Cup
Larkhall Athletic P-P Wellington AFC 

Tuesday February 20
Southern Premier South
Didcot Town 1-1 Walton & Hersham
Hanwell Town P-P Plymouth Parkway
Hungerford 0-2 Gosport Borough
Poole Town P-P Winchester City
Tiverton Town P-P Dorchester Town

Southern One South
Cribbs 1-1 Willand Rovers
Mousehole P-P Bideford
Paulton Rovers 0-1 Westbury United

Saturday February 17

Southern Premier South
Bracknell Town 1-3 Dorchester Town
Didcot Town 0-1 Beaconsfield Town
Gosport Borough 1-1 Salisbury
Hayes & Yeading 0-1 AFC Totton
Hendon 2-2 Hungerford Town
Plymouth Parkway P-P Merthyr Town
Poole Town 0-1 Basingstoke Town
Sholing 0-1 Chesham United
Swindon Supermarine 1-3 Harrow Borough
Walton & Hersham 2-0 Tiverton Town
Winchester City 1-1 Hanwell Town

Southern One Central
Aylesbury Utd 1-3 Cirencester Town fifth in table

Southern One South

Bashley 4-1 Paulton Rovers
Bemerton Heath Harlequins 4-2 Willand Rovers
Bideford 1-2 Cribbs
Bristol Manor Farm 3-2 Exmouth Town
Larkhall Athletic 1-1 Evesham United
Malvern Town 2-0 Bishops Cleeve
Mousehole P-P Melksham Town
Yate Town 0-2 Wimborne Town

Wednesday February 14
Southern Premier South
Plymouth Parkway P-P AFC Totton

Tuesday February 13
Southern Premier South
Hayes & Yeading 1-2 Didcot Town
Hendon P-P Poole Town

Southern One South
Bideford P-P Exmouth Town

Saturday February 10
Southern League
Premier South
AFC Totton P-P Plymouth Parkway
Beaconsfield Town 2-3 Hayes & Yeading United
Chesham United 4-0 Swindon Supermarine
Dorchester 0-3 Gosport Borough
Hanwell Town P-P Sholing
Harrow Borough 3-3 Didcot Town
Hungerford 0-1 Walton & Hersham
Merthyr Town 2-3 Bracknell Town
Salisbury 2-0 Poole Town
Tiverton P-P Winchester City

Southern One Central 
Cirencester Town 2-2 AFC Dunstable 

Southern One South
Cribbs 1-2 Mousehole
Evesham United 1-1 Yate Town
Exmouth Town 0-1 Bashley
Frome Town 4-0 Malvern Town
Melksham 0-1 Tavistock
Willand Rovers P-P Bideford
Wimborne Town 1-1 Bemerton Heath Harlequins

Friday February 9
Southern One South
Bishops Cleeve 0-2 Bristol Manor Farm
Paulton Rovers P-P Westbury United

Wednesday February 7
Southern Premier South
Plymouth Parkway P-P Didcot Town
Southern One South
Willand Rovers 2-2 Yate Town

Tuesday February 6
Southern Premier South
Chesham United 2-1 Merthyr Town
Hanwell Town 1-1 Dorchester Town
Harrow Borough 2-0 Gosport Borough
Poole Town 0-2 Hayes & Yeading United
Sholing 0-1 Walton & Hersham
Winchester City 2-2 Swindon Supermarine

Southern One South
Evesham United P-P Paulton Rovers
Mousehole P-P Tavistock

Saturday February 3
Southern Premier SouthBracknell Town 2-1 SalisburyDidcot Town 0-1 Dorchester TownGosport Borough 2-1 Merthyr TownHayes & Yeading 3-2 Hungerford TownHendon 2-3 Tiverton TownPlymouth Parkway P-P Harrow BoroughPoole Town 0-3 Hanwell TownSholing 0-0 Beaconsfield TownSwindon Supermarine 2-2 AFC TottonWalton & Hersham 1-2 Basingstoke TownWinchester City 0-3 Chesham United

Southern One Central 
Hadley 1-0 Cirencester Town Southern One SouthBashley 1-1 Evesham UnitedBemerton Heath Harlequins 0-2 CribbsBristol Manor Farm 1-2 Wimborne TownLarkhall Athletic 2-1 Willand RoversMalvern Town 3-0 Exmouth TownMousehole 3-2 Frome TownTavistock 2-1 Paulton RoversWestbury United 4-4 Bishops CleeveYate Town 4-1 Melksham Town

Wednesday January 31
Southern One South
Larkhall Athletic 2-0 Bashley

Tuesday January 30
Southern Premier
Hayes & Yeading 3-2 Bracknell TownHendon 3-3 AFC TottonPlymouth Parkway 0-1 Beaconsfield TownPoole Town 4-5 Salisbury City HT 3-1Winchester City 2-1 Tiverton TownSouthern One SouthBemerton Heath Harlequins 2-0 BidefordPaulton Rovers 0-2 Wimborne TownYate Town 5-1 Tavistock

Devon St Luke's Bowl
Newton Abbot Spurs 2-1 Exmouth Town

Gloucesterhsire Senior Cup semi-final
Bishops Cleeve 4-1 Cribbs FC (Bristol)

Saturday January 27 results to be updated - Ross
Southern Premier South
AFC Totton vs Gosport Borough
Basingstoke Town vs Winchester City
Beaconsfield Town vs Bracknell Town
Chesham United v Walton & Hersham
Dorchester Town vs Plymouth Parkway
Hanwell Town vs Hendon
Harrow Borough vs Hayes & Yeading
Hungerford Town vs Swindon Supermarine
Merthyr Town vs Didcot Town
Salisbury City vs Sholing
Tiverton Town vs Poole Town

Southern One Central
Cirencester Town vs Waltham AbbeySouthern One SouthBishops Cleeve vs TavistockCribbs vs Westbury UnitedEvesham United vs Bemerton Heath HarlequinsExmouth Town vs Yate TownFrome Town vs BashleyMelksham Town vs Larkhall AthleticPaulton Rovers vs Bristol Manor FarmWilland Rovers vs Mousehole

Tuesday January 23
Southern Premier South
AFC Totton P-P Dorchester TownHayes & Yeading 0-2 Plymouth Parkway
Poole Town 1-0 Swindon SupermarineWinchester City 1-2 Didcot Town
Southern One SouthBashley P-P Westbury UnitedTavistock P-P Malvern Town

Devon St Luke's Bowl
Newton Spurs P-P Exmouth Town
new date Tuesday January 30, 1930ko

Saturday January 20
Southern Premier South
AFC Totton 1-0 Harrow BoroughBasingstoke 3-2 Tiverton TownBeaconsfield 0-0 SalisburyBracknell Town 5-3 Gosport BoroughChesham United P-P Hanwell TownDorchester Town 3-2 Merthyr TownHayes & Yeading P-P Didcot TownPlymouth Parkway 6-2 Hungerford TownPoole Town P-P Swindon SupermarineSholing P-P HendonWalton & Hersham 3-1 Winchester City

Southern One Central
Biggleswade P-P Cirencester 
Southern One South1500 kick-offsBemerton Heath Harlequins P-P Larkhall AthleticBristol Manor Farm 0-0 BashleyCribbs P-P Willand RoversExmouth Town P-P Bishops CleeveMelksham Town P-P BidefordMousehole 0-1 Yate TownPaulton Rovers P-P Malvern TownWimborne Town P-P Evesham United

Wednesday January 17
Southern 1 South
Larkhall Athletic P-P Cribbs
Tavistock AFC 6-2 Frome Town 

Devon St Luke's Challenge Bowl
Willand Rovers 3-1 Plymouth Parkway

Tuesday January 16
Southern Premier South all postponed
Didcot Town P-P Walton & HershamHayes & Yeading P-P Bracknell TownHungerford P-P Gosport BoroughPoole Town P-P Winchester City

Saturday January 13Southern Premier SouthDidcot Town 1-0 Bracknell TownGosport Borough 1-1 Plymouth ParkwayHanwell Town 1-2 Basingstoke TownHarrow Borough 0-2 Dorchester TownHungerford 0-1 Chesham UnitedMerthyr Town 2-3 Beaconsfield TownSalisbury City 0-1 AFC TottonSholing 5-1 Winchester CitySwindon Supermarine 2-1 Walton & HershamTiverton Town 1-1 Hayes & Yeading 

Southern One Central 
Cirencester Town 0-1 Kidlington

Southern One SouthBideford 1-1 MouseholeBishops Cleeve 6-1 Melksham TownEvesham United 1-1 CribbsFrome Town 1-0 Paulton RoversLarkhall Athletic A-A Wimborne TownMalvern Town 1-0 Bristol Manor FarmTavistock 0-2 Exmouth TownWilland Rovers 0-0 Westbury UnitedYate Town 3-0 Bemerton Heath Harlequins

Tuesday January 9
Southern Premier SouthPlymouth Parkway P-P Didcot Town

Southern One SouthBristol Manor Farm 1-2 Frome TownCribbs 2-2 BashleyMousehole P-P BidefordYate Town 4-1 Larkhall Athletic

Wiltshire Premier Shield semi-final 
Chippenham Town 3-3 Westbury Utd
Chippenham win 4-2 on pens 

Saturday January 6Southern Premier SouthAFC Totton 1-3 SholingBeaconsfield Town 3-4 Swindon SupermarineBracknell Town 1-0 HendonDidcot Town 1-1 Chesham UnitedDorchester Town 2-4 Hungerford TownGosport Borough P-P Poole TownHarrow Borough 0-3 Hanwell TownHayes & Yeading 0-0 Walton & HershamMerthyr Town 4-1 Basingstoke TownPlymouth Parkway P-P Winchester CitySalisbury 4-2 Tiverton Town

Southern One Central
Cirencester Town 1-1 Kings Langley

Southern One SouthBashley 1-2 MelkshamBishops Cleeve 4-0 Larkhall AthleticBristol Manor Farm 2-3 BidefordExmouth Town 1-4 Wimborne TownFrome Town 3-0 Bemerton Heath HarlequinsMalvern Town 0-0 Yate TownPaulton Rovers 3-3 MouseholeTavistock P-P Willand RoversWestbury United 0-1 Evesham

Monday January 1
Southern Premier
Chesham United 4-0 Harrow Borough
Hanwell Town 2-0 Beaconsfield Town
Hendon 4-3 Hayes & Yeading United
Hungerford Town 1-1 Merthyr Town
Sholing 0-0 Bracknell Town
Tiverton Town P-P Dorchester Town
Walton & Hersham 2-2 AFC Totton
Winchester City 1-1 Gosport Borough

Southern One SouthCribbs 2-1 Malvern TownEvesham United 1-0 Bishops CleeveLarkhall Athletic P-P Frome TownMelksham Town 0-2 Westbury United
Mousehole P-P TavistockYate Town 1-1 Bristol Manor Farm

Southern Premier
Basingstoke Town 0-0 Salisbury
Poole Town P-P Plymouth Parkway 
Swindon Supermarine 4-1 Didcot Town

Southern 1 South
Bideford AFC P-P Exmouth Town
Willand Rovers 5-1 Paulton Rovers
Wimborne Town 4-0 Bashley 

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