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TRO = BBL Trophy


CH = BBL Championship


Sunday 2 October 2011                      3:00pm   TRO     (A)   Guildford Heat

Saturday 8 October 2011                   7:00pm   TRO     (A)   Worcester Wolves

Sunday 16 October 2011                    4:00pm   TRO     (H)   Worcester Wolves

Saturday 22 October 2011                 7:30pm   TRO     (H)   Guildford Heat

Saturday 29 October 2011                 7:00pm   CUP     (A)   Durham Wildcats

Friday 4 November 2011                    7:30pm   CUP     (A)   Sheffield Sharks (if round one winners)

Wednesday 16 November 2011        7:30pm    CH      (H)   Milton Keynes Lions

Saturday 19 November 2011             7:00pm    CH      (A)   Worcester Wolves

Friday 25 November 2011                  7:30pm    CH      (A)   Newcastle Eagles

Saturday 26 November 2011             7:00pm    CH      (A)   Durham Wildcats

Saturday 3 December 2011                7:30pm    CH      (A)   Essex Pirates

Sunday 4 December 2011                   4:00pm    CH      (H)   Leicester Riders

Sunday 11 December 2011                4:00pm    CH      (H)   Sheffield Sharks

Sunday 18 December 2011                4:00pm    CH      (H)   Glasgow Rocks

Thursday 29 December 2011             4:00pm    CH      (H)   Mersey Tigers

Sunday 8 January 2012                      5:00pm    CH      (A)   Milton Keynes Lions

Saturday 14 January 2012                 7:30pm    CH      (H)   Cheshire Jets

Saturday 21 January 2012                 7:30pm    CH      (H)   Guildford Heat

Sunday 29 January 2012                    4:00pm    CH      (H)   Glasgow Rocks

Sunday 5 February 2012                    4:00pm    CH      (H)   Newcastle Eagles

Saturday 11 February 2012               7:00pm    CH      (A)   Worcester Wolves

Sunday 12 February 2012                  4:00pm    CH      (H)   Sheffield Sharks

Friday 17 February 2012                    7:30pm    CH      (A)   Mersey Tigers

Friday 24 February 2012                    7:30pm    CH      (H)   Essex Pirates

Sunday 26 February 2012                  3:00pm    CH      (A)   Guildford Heat

Friday 2 March 2012                          7:30pm    CH      (A)   Newcastle Eagles

Saturday 3 March 2012                      7:00pm    CH      (A)   Durham Wildcats

Sunday 11 March 2012                      5:30pm    CH      (A)   Cheshire Jets

Friday 16 March 2012                        7:30pm    CH      (H)   Essex Pirates

Sunday 18 March 2012                      5:00pm    CH      (A)   Milton Keynes Lions

Sunday 25 March 2012                      5:00pm    CH      (A)   Glasgow Rocks

Saturday 31 March 2012                   7:30pm    CH      (H)   Durham Wildcats

Sunday 1 April 2012                            4:00pm    CH      (H)   Leicester Riders

Sunday 8 April 2012                            3:00pm    CH      (A)   Guildford Heat

Wednesday 11 April 2012                 7:30pm    CH      (A)   Leicester Riders

Saturday 14 April 2012                      7:30pm    CH      (H)   Cheshire Jets

Sunday 15 April 2012                         4:00pm    CH      (H)   Worcester Wolves

Thursday 19 April 2012                      7:30pm    CH      (A)   Sheffield Sharks

Sunday 22 April 2012                         4:00pm    CH      (H)   Mersey Tigers

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